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#8 Social Media Policy

1. Connecting: Introduce yourself and tell me why you want to connect.

Tell me about yourself  and the reason you want to connect with me. Tell me your interests and how you found me.

2. Follow, add, friend: Friend/Follow Request

Friend / Follow requests are carefully reviewed before acceptance. The entire acceptance process can take up to a week for completion. I want to ensure that I know the friend/family member and ensure that their postings are appropriate.

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Personal Information

I do not post personal information about myself on any social media site. Personal information includes address, DOB, and contact number. To all friends/followers do not post personal information of me on your social media pages. Remember once you post information, it is almost impossible to delete it completely.

4. Signal to noise: Postings

I do not have much time to use social media sites,so please send me positive postings. I do not care to recieve game invitations, nor do I like solicitation. One more thing, please no family drama on Facebook- not classy. 

5. Personal data and sharing: Connecting

I utilize social media to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. Social media has allowed us the opportunity to connect with family and friends efficiently. I have the opportunity to connect with individuals from all over the world.

6. My networking needs and uses: Network Needs

Currently I am utilizing Facebook and Twitter as a mean of social media. On face book I can share my photos with my friends and get updates from friends and family who do not live in the same area as I do. I am new to Twitter, I utilize Twitter for updates of what is going on around our globe.

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#7 GSU Summer Campus Events

I really do not have much time to review Georgia Southern summer campus events. The majority of my time is spent at work and working on college course work. Since this is a topic in which required a blog posting, I did some browsing on the GSU website. I found the  Campus Recreation and intramural (CRI) to be interesting. The CRI is sponsoring the “GSU Biggest Loser” challenge. The Biggest Loser challenge is a 12 week wellness program. Students will have access to educational workshops, weekly work outs, and many challenges. Identical to the TV reality show, students will have weigh ins and group sessions to support a healthy weight loss and lifestyle modification. According to the website the purpose of  The Biggest Loser Challenge is to help Undergraduate and Graduate Full-Time students improve excercise and nutrition habits in order to improve total wellness along with reducing the risk of chronic disease. In order to do this, Students will receive assistance and guidance to implement healthy behavior changes that will increase their quality of life.Those who are selected to participate will learn how to maximize physical activity and make healthier food choices. After reading about this information about this particular summer event, I wish I had the time to participate. I encourage everyone who is interested in beginning a healthier lifestyle to apply (if time permits). The cost of the program is 150.00 and the deadline to submit your application is 8/18/2010. It is awesome to be a part of an educational institution that promotes the wellness of its students. Please follow the link below to apply.

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Blog # 5 Podcast

The past few days I spent some time to research Podcasting. Podcast is a new term for me; therefore I am by no means an expert. In fact, if it was not required by my FYE 1220 class I probably would have never ventured into learning about Podcasts. The definition that I found on the internet for Podcast is that podcast are digital media files audio or video that are created and released episodical and downloaded through a website. Podcast can be transferred easily to other media devices such as an I-pod for convenience and there are many websites that offer podcast. I found that individuals can download free podcast from the I-tunes website; however I did not have any success in navigating for free podcast. Basically, I typed the word podcast in Google search and clicked on I was amazed with this website and how easy it was to research podcast on subjects that are of interest to me. I have special interests in new technology, so I clicked on the technology tab in the Podcast collection column of this website and many results populated. The podcast of interest to me was the Car Tech Podcast from CNET. I listened to several different podcast of new luxury sport vehicles and the technology installed. Just to name a few cars that were included the new Porsche Panamera 4 S (first 4-door), 2011 Infiniti M56x and the 2010 BMW 750i xDrive.  It is standard for these vehicles to have navigation, blue tooth, media aux, and DVD players. The most surprising technology that I learned from the podcast was the lane departure assist and the blind spot intervention offered on these vehicles. Basically, these vehicles can assist you to stay in your lane and prevent you from crashing into another car in your blind spot. My experience with podcasting has been interesting and I will definitely continue using podcast to listen or view other subjects of interest.

Many employers utilize social media such as face book, twitter and my space as a means of checking an applicant’s background before making a hiring decision. Employers may find out a lot about an individual through social media and compare to see if the applicant is involved in something that is totally against its own (company) ethics. I have found many inappropriate things on Face book from the language used to pictures posted. Imagine if your prospective employer researches your Face book or does a Google and finds photos of you totally “hammered”. What will the employer think of these photos? The employer may think that you are immature and not ready to enter the professional work environment. I have been informed by a friend, that many colleges may who offer specialty programs such as surgeon and pharmacy use social networking to research applicants before interviewing and accepting students. Thinks about this for one minute, you are applying to pharmacy school and on your social media sites you have posted information of how you like to use certain illegal drugs or have images of illegal drugs on your main page. Do you think that you will be accepted into pharmacy school after these findings?  Law enforcement also utilizes social media sites to find incriminating evidence or to simply find wanted criminals. For example, I read via the internet that authorities in Seattle found a criminal who was wanted for fraud through Face book. The criminal was posting information to his friends about how he was” living in Paradise” Mexico with all this money he recently accumulated. To make this story short, the law enforcement officials from Seattle, found this criminals exact address via Face book and made the arrest. I think you will agree, we all should think about the information that we are posting on these social networking sites. Just ask yourself if the information is appropriate and professional before posting and I think you will stay clear of any misunderstanding.

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Blog #4 Week of Twitter

First week of Twitter was interesting. The social networking site is user-friendly and very easy to learn. It is also very easy to join Twitter; all you need is a user name and password. After joining Twitter you can participate in different trainings to get yourself acclimated with the site. Twitter offers many features that allow users to personalize their own Twitter page such as back ground effects and you can also upload a picture of yourself as a personal icon.  Twitter is basically a form of real-time communication with other individuals; you can have Tweets come to your mobile phone. During this week of Twitter I have networked with close to 100 individuals. These individuals come from all sorts of backgrounds that are different from my own. It is awesome to be able to learn about the different individuals simply from Tweeting. Aside, from making friends with people from all across the globe, Twitter is also useful for receiving updates from various entities or subjects that may be of interest to you. For example, I am interested in the sports basketball and football on the pro level, so I follow the NBA and the NFL on twitter to get updates immediately. In the NBA, I received several highlights and notifications of the NBA finals between the Lakers and Celtics. I did not receive much from the NFL, but that should change once we near pre-season. I will definitely continue to utilize Twitter to communicate with friends, family, and associates and I encourage all of you to do the same.

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Blog Assignment #3 U.S. Financial Bailouts

It seems as if the billions in bailouts paid by taxpayers has not lifted companies such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and AIG. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has received well over 100 billion in bailouts from the government during our economic crisis. Both lending institutions have requested a total of approx. 19  more billion within the past couple of weeks. The reasoning is the decline in the housing and financial markets which is expected to continue. I do not think we should continue to bail these companies out using taxpayers dollars. It is the poor lending practices of the financial sectors that ultimately led to the housing market  decline. Basically, these financial institutions granted mortgages to people who did not qualify and sold products that seemed affordable.  The two institutions make up more than 50% of our mortgage market, so insolvency would probably be devastating to out economy. How long will this continue? The Obama administration has removed the bail out cap of 200 billion for Freddie and Fannie, so don’t expect a decrease in taxes. The largest government bailout since the beginning of uur declining  economy was the 180,00 billion given to AIG in 2008. I read in the blog that many foreign entities benefited directly from the AIG  bailout than expected, now think about that for a minute. Do we really need the government to be involved, using our tax money to bail out foreign banks? Is our economy moving toward socialism, I hope not? These bailouts are  examples why the government should not intervene unless it is absolute necessary. We are considered a capitalist economy and this means we participate in the free market and we compete. I have recently become concerned as to which direction our economy is heading. The United States is in debt trillions of dollars.

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